Olson Cement, Construction and Roofing

Our Step-By-Step Process

When you’re in need of replacement, it’s important to know which services you can expect in exchange for your money. We go the extra mile to ensure our customers receive first-rate service every time:

  • Choosing materials that coincide with your home’s location, style, and available funds is vital. Damages caused by subpar materials can progress insidiously if they’re not noticed in time, and often cause severe structural issues. To meet your needs and prevent future pricey complications, our professionals use only the most superior materials.
  • To ensure the new roof is secure, we’ll make it a point to strip the old roof to the deck and check for any weak spots that need repairing.
  • After we’ve completed all necessary repairs, we’ll install a drip edge to protect the underside of the roof’s surface from any water collection.
  • Ice and water create moisture build-up and can damage an unprotected roof over time. For added fortification, we’ll install an ice and water shield over the roof decking.
  • Afterward, our team will add an underlayment over the roof’s surface. An underlayment adds another line of defense against moisture retention and build-up.
  • Once the underlayment is in place, we’ll begin adding metal flashings and diverters in crucial areas around the roof, including channels and chimneys. After they’re in place, we’ll secure them with a sealant to create a shield against water seepage.
  • In addition to metal flashing and diverters, we’ll also install ridge vents to promote greater air-flow in the attic. We’ll also add rib caps to protect the ridge vents and add the last finishing touches on the new roof.
  • Lastly, we’ll take the time clean the jobsite thoroughly, removing any debris and potentially dangerous items