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Olson Cement Work and Construction provides concrete services in Taylor, Allen Park, Lincoln Park, Wyandotte, Southgate, Trenton, Livonia, Dearborn, Canton, and Westland. Our concrete masons transform your property with innovative designs for concrete sidewalks, patios, and driveways. Our custom concrete work is designed to enhance the exterior of your property.

We offer a broad range of professional concrete masonry services, including stamping, scoring, staining, coating, and sealing concrete. We create custom driveways, sidewalks, patios, and other concrete projects for your home. In addition to new concrete masonry work, we offer concrete repairs for your existing patio, walkway, sidewalk, or driveway.

Choosing the right concrete mason is essential for lasting beauty and value. Our experienced concrete masons use the correct base, forms, and pouring techniques to ensure the concrete cures correctly and won’t crack. We utilize the right tools and proven techniques to ensure the exact elevation, use straight edging and a bull float to bring the concrete to the surface and finish the surface of the concrete, including trimming sharp edges, smoothing the surface and creating a uniform non slip finish.

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Useful Information about Concrete

Making sure your concrete is done correctly can mean the difference between you getting your money’s worth out of it or having to replace it in 2 years. We do the correct base, form and poor it correctly, letting the cement cure the correct way. Then finally making the finishing touches at the right time so that your concrete doesn’t crack.

The concrete for residential driveways, sidewalks, patios, are a six sack limestone blend with air at 4000 PSI. The concrete batch plant creates air in the concrete by adding a chemical to the concrete. This air allows the concrete to endure cold weather better. 4000 is the strength of the concrete, and PSI means pounds per square inch.

On the day of the pour, concrete rakes are first used to get the elevations close. Then a straight edge is used to reach the exact elevation.

After straight edging, a bull float is used to close up the top of the concrete. This brings the concrete to the surface and takes the gravel down.

The surface of the concrete should then be finished with a Fresno or hand float and trowel while the person is on knee-boards.

An edging tool with a ½” radius is used along the sides of the driveway to eliminate any sharp edges.

The final, non-slip finish is achieved by making figure eights or swirling motions with a hand float. Uniform, straight passes are made with a finishing broom.